Regime Contemporary @ The Mayfair Hotel LA

Artist - Dr. Dax



Dax is an Atlanta legend that is firmly established as a notable graffiti artist. His street art legacy has graced the nation for over two decades. He is the quintessential artist with a unique voice expressed in a variety of mediums such as painting, fine art photography and filmmaking. As an accomplished muralist, Dax can transform a blank wall into a monumental work of art that displays his unique style and technique. His paintings

become immense murals of intricate layers that are vibrant with energy and color. The name “Dax” derives from a word of French origin meaning “leader.” The name “Daks” is a graffiti alias, created by Dax Rudnak. The tag has been spotted across the United States of America, since Daks is a member of the infamous Network Crew, an interstate alliance of writers not satisfied with local fame—and who wanted to know about all the best can controllers doing their thing from coast to coast.



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