Regime Contemporary @ The Mayfair Hotel LA

Artist - Franco Vescovi

Franco Vescovi


Franco Vescovi grew up in a family of seven near Central and Bristol in southwest Santa Ana, California. His family grew up free of luxuries but never free of good times. Franco’s mom was an artist, which is evident through the focus of the mentally stimulating (and inexpensive) art-based extracurricular activities that Franco could often be found in.

Franco became a regular to Santa Ana art programs, commonly putting in seven-plus hour days during summer weekends, all before the time he began putting his digits in elementary school paint buckets. Art grew to be incorporated as a major part of Franco’s life, mimicking art both changing over time and holding uncertain end results. Uncorrectable problems, tension, and irreconcilable differences between the heads of the Vescovi household created a sense of uncertainty within them as a whole. What was not uncertain was the direction Franco’s mother was trying to head her family in: straightforward positively with no reverse mode present. Franco’s mother dealt with her turbulent divorce, packed up her kids, and began the start of positive change for her family. His mother, siblings, and 14-year-old Franco said goodbye to Santa Ana and hello to Tulsa, Oklahoma—a new environment segregated from domestic drama and crime. An environment where people were nice to you because they were genuinely nice people, and a place where street weariness could be laid to rest. Tulsa provided Franco a healthy living environment, immeasurable art skill improvement, and priceless life experiences. Even with all the positive change Oklahoma provided, California life proved to be too much of a temptation for Franco to resist. Not being able to hang with Tulsa life any longer, Franco made his way back to OC and landed in the place he remained ever since: El Toro.

Art may change over time, one that shadows changes in the lives of the artists. Extraction of the positive, regardless of any change in life, can only help improve an art form. Inspiration is then spread through Franco and other artists by the compilation of positive change created by an entity of artists encompassing all time periods, from Michelangelo and da Vinci, to Jack Rudy and Freddy Negrete. Joy in life for Franco’s mom was art, joy in life for Franco is art, and the way of life for Franco has been and always will be art.



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