Regime Contemporary @ The Mayfair Hotel LA

Artist - Geoff Melville

Geoff Melville


Geoff Melville comes from a graffiti art and photography background, starting in 1994, and began developing a fine art practice in the 2000s. He studied Silk Screening under Thomas Wojak at CCA Oakland in 2006 and was awarded the Hamaguchi Printmaking Award that same year. In 2013, Melville began working at Modern Multiples Studio under the mentorship of the late Richard Duardo, where he produced works for Dale Chihuly, Dface, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Yoko Ono, and countless other contemporary artists. 

“I chose these particular pieces specially for the Mayfair Hotel, because they relate directly to the drama and soul of Los Angeles. The "places" featured in these selected works are made up of my photography from different locations around LA and recomposed into faux locations. The photography is collaged together and silk screened on various media, including LA newspapers. I find that combining photo elements from different times and places, forcing disparate elements together, creates a dynamic portrait of the subject matter. I'm pleased to be showing in the historic Mayfair Hotel; as a landmark that has existed and changed throughout LA's history, it's an ideal setting for this body of work.” - Geoff Melville


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