Regime Contemporary @ The Mayfair Hotel LA

Artist - Joey Colombo



New York-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Van Styles is no newcomer in his genre. While the world of skateboarding was once his key focus, nowadays scantly-clad women and stunning models lend themselves as accomplice. Van Styles’ replete resume can be found flooding the realms of Tumblr and Instagram, alongside provocative editorials and lookbooks for some of streetwear’s most revered — such as Black Scale, SSUR, Mighty Healthy, HUF, The Hundreds, Primitive and the like – presenting alluring visuals that are upheld by a blend of street

and sensuous motifs. Carrying such ingredients onto his own brand V/SUAL, the 33-year old has successfully built a career from his passion behind the camera, furthermore carving out his own niche within the art form. In his Essentials, Van Styles lays out the technical equipments used for work and in his own time, alongside the lens that assist him in his natural style of shooting.



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