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Artist - RISK



Kelly Graval (AKA RISK) is a multi-talented fine artist, illustrator, graffiti artist and respected member of the Los Angeles art community. With a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world-renowned graffiti legend. Since pioneering the painting of freeway overpasses, signs and billboards, dubbed “heavens”, the legend of RISK has never stopped growing. From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts to gallery and museum showings around the world, RISK has transformed from a street artist to a bonafide star of contemporary art. His pioneering career includes work with the West Coast Artists crew to his now legendary multi-faceted approach to creativity. RISK's art spans the spectrum of everything from renowned clothing brands and canvas pieces, to massive street murals that have breathed life into their communities. As his notoriety grew, it wasn’t long before RISK became a hot commodity in the music scene. His art can be seen in music videos from artists across the musical spectrum, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Bad Religion and the legendary Michael Jackson. RISK has also worked with some of the most notable music festivals and events around the globe including Coachella, the MTV Music Awards and the Sunset Strip Music Festival, while also collaborating with iconic artists such as Aerosmith and The Doors. RISK has taken graffiti from the streets and into the gallery, a move which includes the launch of the Third Rail art show series - a series of events showcasing his versatility with various mediums and styles, from lettering to imagery. From there, the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to push creative concepts gave birth to the first authentic line of graffiti-inspired clothing, branded as Third Rail. RISK’s art became the key ingredient for one of the hottest clothing brands to emerge out of Southern California. Today, RISK stays connected to his roots by supporting artists and giving back to the community with countless charitable endeavors. He continues to showcase his art globally, and generates media attention from the likes of the Los Angeles Times, NBC, Carson Daily, BBC and many other outlets.


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