Regime Contemporary @ The Mayfair Hotel LA

Artist - Steven Lippman



Steven Lippman is an advertising, lifestyle and celebrity photographer who’s equally skilled at shooting polished, sophisticated imagery as he is at capturing the raw, rule-free beauty of surf and skate culture. A versatile director who has directed music videos, viral videos and commercials, Lippman often notes that “Directing is a huge part of my arsenal.” Born in Los Angeles, Steven grew up surfing and skateboarding. “There were no rules, nothing that came before that you could follow,” he recalls. “So at a young age, you were forced to go out and create. You just made whatever street corner, parking lot or empty swimming pool happen.” Steven’s career as a photographer was also inspired by time spent on the other side of the lens. For years, he traveled the world as a successful model and surf/skate competitor, and he eventually began taking photos, documenting his life on the road. After returning to California, he embraced photography with the same unflagging dedication that he does surfing.


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